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Hi I’m Jo!


Twin Mom/Allergy Mom  |  Wife  |  Foodie  |  Graphic Designer  |  Health & Wellness Nut  |  Disney Fanatic

plus a slew of other titles I am not listing but you get the idea. I wear a lot of hats. HAHA!

I am a native New Yorker, though I crave the sunshine and warm weather almost 90% of the time which makes me think I should be living on a tropical island somewhere. I live in Westchester County, NY with my husband, Steve and our twins, Elias and Aubrey. My full-time job has been sitting behind a desk designing packaging for the retail market (which I absolutely love!). However since COVID-19 hit I have been working from home. It has been an interesting adjustment but I am blessed to still have a job. 

Never thought I'd ever be blogging. I often fell under the pretense that you had to be a good writer or have something profound to say. Then Covid-19 hit! We all went into quarantine and life as we knew it changed forever. I went from being a busy working at an office mom to a busy work from home mom. Life has changed basically overnight and as I reflect on what is happening I realize maybe I do have something to say. It only took me 8 weeks of being in quarantine to realize it but hey, I'm here!


We are all going through a rough time right now and I thought it would be a good

time to share my life and adventure with you. So come join me as I dive in!

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