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being a working mom during a pandemic



Thanks for joining me as I embark on this adventure.

Seems like today everyone is blogging but I never thought I would be. It just seemed so cliche and I often fell under the pretense that you had to be a good writer or have something profound to say. Then COVID-19 hit! We all went into quarantine and life as we knew it changed forever. I went from being a busy working at an office mom to a work from home mom. Life had changed basically overnight and we all had to get used to doing things differently. I started to reflect on what was happening I realize maybe I do have something to say. There were so many thoughts and emotions going through my head that I need an outlet. It only took me 8 weeks of being in quarantine to realize it but hey, I'm here!


We are all going through a rough time right now and I thought it would be a good

time to share my life and adventures with you. So come join my personal blog as I dive in! 

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